When whole grains are sprouted properly, they are converted into a more digestible food. As the grain sprouts, it begins to turn into a plant, and plants are vegetables. Vegetables are some of the easiest-to-digest foods because they do not use pancreatic enzymes to break down.

Benefits of authentically sprouted flour:

• removes the bitterness found in unsprouted whole grain

• unlocks nutrients so they are more bioavailable

• neutralizes complex sugars responsible for indigestion and produces enzymes that aid in digestion

• maintains 100% whole grain fiber necessary for a healthy diet

• creates alternative to refined white flour, especially for those with starch sensitivities

• milled to contain great baking characteristics. Use 1:1 in most formulations

• better performance at higher hydration

• significantly extends shelf life, baked products are softer and stay fresh longer - naturally

• produced under quality-controlled conditions in a certified organic BRC-certified mill

• tested to assure sprout action

Benefits reported for consuming authentically sprouted flour:

• increases the bioavailability of nutrients which lay dormant in whole grains, enhancing the nutritional density of sprouted   whole-grain foods. One of the main nutrients is phenolic acid, which contains antioxidant activities.

• converts starches into simple sugars that the body uses for energy, versus starches that can be stored as fat

• significantly reduces glycaemic and insulinaemic responses and increases satiety, both of which are useful in the   management of type 2 diabetes and weight regulation

• ignites the amylase activity, or beneficial organisms such as lactobacilli that aid in digestion; sprouted grain flour is a   natural laxative

• develops the flavor which allows 100% of the whole grain (high fiber)

• enhances the hydrolysis of phytic acid, an enzyme inhibitor, allowing for better absorption of nutrients

• includes the whole grain including the bran, which contains most of the vitamins, minerals and fiber found in whole grain.

Recent studies show that refined while flour is devoid of fiber necessary for a healthy diet. Today, emerging science is illustrating the benefits of whole grains in combating heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Quite possibly, sprouted whole grains may play a part in prevention of these serious diseases. Imagine eating your favorite baked goods such as pancakes, cookies or breads made with flour that digests more like vegetables than starches!


Essential Eating Sprouted Flours are optimally and authentically sprouted. They are shelf-stable and have a light sweet aroma and smooth texture versus sprouted mash, malted flours and traditional whole grain flours.

Essential Eating Sprouted Flours are NOT traditional flours that have had a higher percentage of malt or malted flour added. The Falling Number test, not a visual test, is used to determine the level of amylase activity or peak sprout action. Adding malt to traditional flour could lower the Falling Number but it will not have the digestive and nutrient benefits of properly sprouted whole grain flour.

The sprouted flour process gently dries the grain and stops the sprout action at its peak, creating amazing flavor without a fermented taste. Sprouted flour without a sweet aroma or with fermented overtones has not been sprouted properly.

Essential Eating Sprouted Flour is purposely not stone ground but instead utilizes sanitary modern stainless-steel milling equipment. The process produces great baking characteristics so this sprouted flour can be used one-for-one in most formulations. It is milled in a way that results in the flour being smooth in texture, not grainy. The extra time, effort and resources required to make this premium product shows in the better-performing and better-tasting flour.

Essential Eating Sprouted Flours have:

• a different look, a uniform creamy color
• a different consistent, very soft and silky fine feel
• a well rounded, clean taste and aroma that is not bitter
• nutrition that is enhanced due to germination/fermentation reaction
• better performance at higher hydrations of 85-95% and has already accomplished the desired goals of a pre-fermented   step. Can be used 1 for 1 in place of traditional whole grain flour with additional water
• baking characteristics that are more golden brown due to an increase in caramelized sugars
• baked products are softer and stay fresh longer – naturally


PRODUCT: Essential Eating Sprouted Certified Organic 100% Whole Grain Flours
DESCRIPTION: 100% whole grain that is milled from good, clean, certified organically grown wheat that has been sprouted. Product is not bleached, or bromated. The sprouted whole wheat has no additives, oxidizers, enzymes or enrichments. Creamy white to tan in color with a natural sweet taste and odor. The product is produced in accordance with current FDA regulations. Certificate of Analysis provided with each shipment.
PACKAGING: Available in 25 lb or 50 lb. multiwall paper sacks palletized and stretch wrapped or in bulk. All products are sifted before items are packaged. Bags are date coded.
STORAGE: Store in cool, dry place. Shelf life is 100 days in cool and dry storage, or 180 days refrigerated, based on Good Manufacturing Practices of appropriate storage and inspection, stock rotation, and inventory control. Shelf life can be dramatically enhanced by freezing. Do not eat raw. Cook or bake for food use.
ALLERGEN STATEMENT: Wheat is the only FDA Big 8 allergen present
GMO STATEMENT: All certified organic products by definition cannot be derived from grain that is of GMO origin, irradiated or from sludge treated land.
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Product is grown, processed and packaged in the USA


Nutritional Fact labels do not indicate how the body digests a particular food. Some of the most nutritious foods can be hard for the body to digest and therefore the nutrients cannot be absorbed. How your body digests a food is important. Unsprouted whole grains are starches that require pancreatic enzymes to digest. Sprouted whole grains and their flours, originally classified by the USDA as vegetables, are easier to digest and absorb the nutrients from because they do not require pancreatic enzymes.

Essential Eating Sprouted Hard Whole Wheat Flour

Essential Eating Sprouted Soft Whole Wheat Flour

Essential Eating Sprouted Whole Spelt Flour

Essential Eating Sprouted Whole Buckwheat Flour

Essential Eating Sprouted Whole Ancient Grain Flour


"I absolutely LOVE baking with the Essential Eating sprouted flour. I can tell the difference immediately (in my body) and so I want to use it for everything! —B Rizzio

"I've been a baker all my life and now my bread diet consists mostly of sprouted whole grain flour bread because I feel better and it tastes so good.
—Scott Fox, Bakery Director Dorothy Lane Markets

"I only eat breads and baked goods that are made with Essential Eating sprouted flour. After eliminating white and whole grain flour from my diet, I became more regular and began losing weight effortlessly." —C. Ballard

"Using this flour offers me a rare opportunity to be part of the seismic shift that is being created by Essential Eating Sprouted Flour, as it improves the taste, digestibility and nutrition of baked goods."
—Nick Greco, Artisan of Yeasted Dough R&D, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

"Sprouted flour breads fill me up, and taste YUMMY!" —P. Davidson

"I have been eating Essential Eating sprouted flour breads for more than two years and won't go back to bread made with white flour. Sprouted flour baked goods taste so much better than white flour and it is better for me and I feel better." —M. Conklin

"Who wouldn't love baked goods made with Essential Eating sprouted flour? I can tell a big difference in my digestion when I use sprouted flour versus the nutrient-devoid white stuff." —M. Yardley

"Essential Eating sprouted flour bread is so healthy: more nutrition, more fiber, more flavor!" —K. Elderman

"It is hard to find a treat that isn't full of bad stuff like bleached flour, processed sugar, and fat. Thanks to the recipes from Essential Eating, I can enjoy healthy cookies, pastries, and my own biscotti's made with Essential Eating sprouted flour without feeling I have started the day on the wrong foot. I believe that sets me up for a day of healthy eating." —C. Burns

"I have been eating sprouted flour bread for quite a few years now but my family has not yet converted. I recently ran out of white bleached processed bread and substituted the sprouted bread in my son's lunch. He now requests sprouted bread for all of his sandwiches… You know the old saying: 'Try it you'll like it!'" —S. Peron

"You don't get constipated from sprouted breads made with Essential Eating sprouted flours!!!" —J. Kalin

"My children just love the spouted waffles! They thought I was baking cookies but it was the waffle iron! I make them in a big batch and freeze them so they can have sprouted waffles before school!" —C. Massaro

"I believe Essential Eating sprouted flour is truly the way flour was intended to taste—flavorful, wholesome, delicious and nurturing!" —M. Jeffrey

"Essential Eating Sprouted Baking is the authority on the benefits and uses of sprouted whole grain flours. It will have you baking nutritious and tasty treats in no time."
—Franny Krushinsky, Chef, Simple Kitchen Organic Market & Café