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Essential Eating Sprouted HARD WHOLE WHEAT Flour | ITEM# EESF SHWW
Essential Eating Sprouted SOFT WHOLE WHEAT Flour | ITEM# EESF SSWW
Essential Eating Sprouted WHOLE SPELT Flour | ITEM# EESF SWS
Essential Eating Sprouted WHOLE BUCKWHEAT Flour | ITEM# EESF SWB
Essential Eating Sprouted WHOLE ANCIENT GRAIN Flour | ITEM# EESF SWH

Available in pallet quantities or bulk truck for large- or small-scale bakers and food manufacturers. Fifty 50# bags (2500 lbs) per pallet or bulk truckloads up to 45,000 lbs. Food manufacturers and commercial bakeries around the country are using the Essential Eating Sprouted Flours in their baked goods with amazing results. Submit CONTACT form, email or call 570 586-1557.

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To Purchase Retail Sprouted Flour

Essential Eating Sprouted WHOLE WHEAT, WHOLE SPELT, and WHOLE BUCKWHEAT Flours are sold and distributed by:

Dutch Valley Food Distributors - (800) 733-4191. 25# bags. Visit Dutch Valley Foods online at

Shiloh Farms/Garden Spot Foods – (800) 829-5100 2#, 5#, and 50# bags online at
Essential Eating Sprouted Flours are packaged in the Pure Living Brand. Many health food and grocery stores carry Shiloh Farms Sprouted Flours.


Healthy flour makes healthier food™

To Purchase Essential Eating Sprouted Flour Products

Products made with Essential Eating sprouted flours, such as sprouted bread, sprouted pretzel shells and splits, and sprouted chocolate chip cookies are sold in chain groceries and health food stores throughout the east and moving west. Visit stores such as Wegmans, Earthfare, Mom's, The Fresh Market, Costco, Hannaford, Harris Teeter and Whole Food Markets. Order sprouted flour pretzels online 24/7 at and sprouted flour pasta at